About the Murawski Miniatures Company (MMC)

In order to fulfil my dream of having 28mm Duchy of Warsaw Poles I made contact with Paul Hicks, who in my opinion is the one of the best sculptors in the business, and between us we concocted a range of Duchy of Warsaw line infantry for the period 1812-1814 (although they can be used for 1809, the Peninsular etc at a pinch). To this end the first figures were released in February 2012 to an incredibly warm reception from across the globe. Due to this warm reception plans are afoot to complete the range this year, and over the coming months I expect to see released

  • Krakus
  • Uhlans
  • Brigade, Division and General Staff

Where it goes after that will be based on demand, but may I thank you for looking at my site, and if you have supported the range with your custom – many thanks! It really is appreciated.


Design notes

The figures have been designed by Paul Hicks to my specifications, and have been cast by Griffin Moulds – the best out there. As to “fit” with other ranges the figures have been designed to match the Perry, Foundry Perry (Russians, campaign French etc), Calpe and Victrix figures that make up the mass of my collection. They also seem to fit quite well with Front Rank Russians and Bavarians.
The “look” of the figures is very much that of “in the field” rather than parade ground. This is deliberate. That said figures have been designed with Czapska chords, plumes etc, but if you require scruffier (ideal for the Peninsular, 1813 campaigns etc) then we will be producing a range of “scruffy” figures.